Monday, March 25, 2013

My Easter Collections

 I thought I would share a few of my Easter collections with you. These bunnies, chicks and
duckies have been a part of my Easters most all my life. I believe my Momma or my
Aunt Joann made the broken egg above...priceless!

Most of these treasures are made in Japan from Lefton. The shiny duckling and standing
 duck are newer additions that I was lucky to find. I just love them all!

I started my Snowbunny collection by accident when I was collecting Snowbabies, gifts
for my daughter. I loved the pastel touches of color on these sweet bunnies.
 They are busy making Easter more fun for everyone!

My Mom started my Bunnykins collection for me when I was a girl. I have added to
it here and there as I grew. I try to select pieces that show the bunnies doing
 activities that remind me of my childhood family or my own family.

 These little plastics figures are a fun retro Easter memory. Can you pick
 out the  newer impostor from this line up?
 Just a few fun egg cups showing a different style egg collection. 
What do you collect for Easter? WE would love you to share.
Happy Easter and Passover to you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Easter Table

I love a festive table for Easter that will delight the kids and the kid in all of us.
 I found the light pink metallic tree at Michael's for 75% off at the end
of last spring. I just knew it would come in handy. It even  has a few
 clear flowers on some of the ends of the branches.
First, I set the base of the tree into the spring bead wreath,
then I added Easter ornaments, all from WE.
 I sprinkled small malted milk eggs in matching colors around the base.
 I like to mix in a few edible treats into the centerpiece. 

I set a few fillable paper mache bunnies around the tree and a favor at each place setting. Who
doesn't love a favor? You can add a slip of paper with their name on it to personalize.
A retro ornament decorates the vintage napkins that were a lucky find at an antique store in Paradise, CA. Most of my pink dishes were found in a set in Folsom, CA. I love them for Easter and showers!
Occasionally, I find pinks at thrift stores but it is getting more rare in my neck of the woods.
See what you have collected to pull together for your Easter table. Make a list of what to
look for in the future that will take your table to the next level of fun for you family and YOU!