Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Editing Home Decor

These are a few ideas for editing the decor or collections in your home.
1. Bring of few pieces of a larger collection out and rotate monthly or seasonally.
2. Group a few similar items together for more impact.
3. Keep antiquing, thrifting and shopping...just seeing lots of things out there can make you          
     thrilled again with what you already have. You may fall in love all over again! If you must have   
     something new, put away an older treasure for awhile.
4. At the start of a new season or holiday, redecorate your rooms in that and store the rest. It's all new
5. Create a keepsake or shadow box with items collected from a vacation or life event that mean a lot
     to you. It will get your creative juices flowing and take up little space.
6. Store your treasures in a closet, pantry or attic between uses. No such luck? Purchase a few of the
    great new storage items like chests (coffee table), cubes (extra seating) or under the bed rolling
    bins. The closer for you to get to the goodies the better for easier transitions. 
We love these bear that are part of our bigger collection but they definitely need a bit of editing.
I took all but three and stored them under the buffet, where they can be seen
if you look real close but they do not dominate the buffet.
This is much more peaceful!
I love the old print from a magazine of the bear camping. I still love the term
 bear for singular bear or many bear. I'm weird like that!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun Back To School Wreath

Are you getting ready to send the kids back to school this month or thinking about
when you kids were small? A back to school wreath can be a fun project for your family.
Start by gathering up your favorite school photos or memorabilia.
Add a few school supplies in your favorite colors for highlighting the photos. We just love
the color purple (Oprah reference coincidental, but awesome). I even used a bright
index card for showing off my favorite small photo.
Lay out your finds and attach them to a our tag spiral wreath or any wreath you like.
These all slide into the wreath except for the glue stick, which I hung with a
Christmas ornament hanger. 
Your family, big or small, will enjoy the happy memories
 and be excited about the coming school year.