Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall fun in Vermont!

I just got home from a fabulous girlfriend trip to Vermont and beyond (beyond will be another post). 
I went with Teri and Sue, sister-friends since grade and high school. We stayed in a camp
on Lake Dunmore. I Learned from November's Country Living magazine (page 52)
 that location generally dictates what a 2nd home dwelling is called.
In New England and the Adirondacks, it is a camp. In the West,
South and Midwest, it is called a cabin  and along the coast
 or Great Lakes, it is a cottage (who knew). 
The best part of Vermont is most all the roads are just two lane and they have very few freeway
type roads. Also, we were told, no billboards! Around every bend, it looks just like the
postcards you've seen, Sometimes it is green, sometimes the colors of fall or winter bare.

This video shows some of what we saw. We arrived on Sept 29 and didn't see the leaves we were hoping for but by the end of our visit Oct 7, the colors were gorgeous. Sorry the pics do 
not do  them justice. The dialog is weak too but enjoy the view.

We visited too many small towns to mention but several displayed these darling
"leaf people", especially Brandon, VT, a darling town, south of our Lake.

 A few other sites in Brandon. We had a fabulous lunch at this French cafe and enjoyed
the shops. Met a few fabulous artists.

Here are the three of us in a leaf peeping selfie groupie). Melin, Teri and Sue, besties forever!

The farther North and the deeper into the mountains we went, the prettier the colors, especially in Stowe! The
hillsides look like a fall patchwork quilt.

  A few of the sites in Stowe. We arrived late in the day but the colors did not disappoint. They were breathtaking! 

 This is our beautiful Lake Dunmore!
As we said goodbye to Vermont, we had to make one more stop at this darling country store
who had the best homemade fudge with salted caramel and they ship!

 All photos are taken with my iPhone. If you want a fun fall vacation, consider
visiting Vermont. We are so glad we did.