Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Picnic Basket

I love this little still life I created in my family room for the fall. I will move it onto my porch and set it in my little red wagon a bit later in the month. I just love decorating for fall!
I was so lucky to find this wonderful old red picnic basket this past July while exploring Oregon. I love to go antiquing and thrifting and was blessed with this treasure for only $5.99 at a Goodwill. I also bought the big jar next to it at an antique store in Washington. The old Mason/Ball jars were found in both states at both types of stores but all for good prices.The flowers can be found in my store.
The basket's sides were a bit caved in but I shored them up with card board and a box. This basket has a cool red metal top layer compartment that sets on top which is perfect for display and carrying food so it won't get smashed.
Hope you enjoy my sweet find as much as I do. Happy fall decorating!