Monday, May 30, 2016

Lovely Lilacs

Here in my mountain town, it is lilac time! WE have more blooms this year than ever
 thanks to an abundance of snow and rain WE received.  
They are so prolific, just walking near the bushes is a treat for the senses...scent and colors 
delight. What a gift from Mother Nature! All WE have to do is cut off the 
pretty flowers. I brought in handfuls this morning and had fun selecting containers of all sorts.

I love to use my milk glass collection whenever possible and it adds a feminine touch with the ruffles.

For a more modern touch, use a piece of mercury glass. My little pixie is fun (and a bit naughty).

Tin containers add a simple country look. They are especially fun in a kitchen. Set one near your sink, so you can enjoy the scent while you work. The candle is here when the blooms fade.

 I just love this look! I bought a few different flower cup and saucers at a yard sale for tea
 parties with our grand-angels. Perfect for a flower display as well. 
Our newest birdie and nest is sweeter with lilacs.

What container would you choose from your own collections for yard flowers?
Do you say li-lack or li-lock? I love li-lacks!