Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Abundance of Flowers!

Flowers are such a loving way to say "YOU are special"!
One easy and quick floral trick, is to purchase a bunch of inexpensive, but pretty, flowers
 at the grocery store. These pretty carnations were $3.99 at our local store. The bunch was
variegated, shades of pink with just a couple of white ones (a lucky mistake) too.

I have collected several small vases, a few little perfume and throw away bottles, just for flower arranging. It makes a small bouquet look like a plethora of blooms. You can find small
 little vessels at your local thrift store for very little money. They are usually open
 on Sunday too, so you can  still get some on the way to the store for your
 flowers for a last minute Mother's Day gift.
These are beautiful scattered across a dining or coffee table or set here and there around the home.
I especially like to put one or two in the powder room and next to a favorite photo.
I often use this trick when I am having over-night guests. 
Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

What is your collecting style?

Some collectors start with one item that just appeals to them, in a happy way, and they buy it on the spot. If they just have to have more of the same, they slowly gather the knowledge about their collection over time. Others are more cautious collectors and they study the items to learn
all they can about their history and values, so they don't make many mistakes along the way.
 And others start with a gifted or purchased collection that someone else collected and passed on.
 There are a lot of psychological explanations of why we collect but, wow, that's too heavy
 for this collector. I think "to each, his own". Seems to me everyone collects, whether
 it is a 100 year or older antique, a childhood collectible or new shoes or ties.
What interests you? That is the best place to start a collection. I've changed my collections over the years as my interests and resources have changed. Do you like sports and it's memorabilia,
 cooking and all things kitchen, travel, places you have loved and want to bring it's essence into
your home decor? How does your Grandma's china inspire you or your Grandpa's plaid thermos?
Holidays have always brought me great joy, the decorations, china, family and even gifts.
They stir warm nostalgic feelings deep in my spirit and I love to collect those kind
of things.  Most of my collections are built around fabulous memories.
Whatever makes you feel that thrill of the find, long after you leave the shop
or flea market, go forward and collect!
Happy Holidays,