Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wren Elizabeth Gifts: Ornament Treasures

Wren Elizabeth Gifts: Ornament Treasures: I get so caught up in the holiday decorating that it seems there is no time to blog. I thought I would at least share a few more of my fa...

Ornament Treasures

I get so caught up in the holiday decorating that it seems there is no time to blog. I thought I would at least share a few more of my family treasures. These ornaments have been a part of most every Christmas. 

These are an assortment of vintage beauties displayed in my milk glass collection.

The flying goose was my Momma's. His wings are made of real feathers that "fly" when moved
 up and down. The little figure's head is a bit wobbly after all these years.

These two mischievous ceramic squirrels clip to the branches.

 Santa loves to do a few deliveries from this celluloid car!

The Shiny Brites above are mid century and well loved.

A collection of random retros. The clear striped on was from my Granny's tree.

Just a couple more cuties. Mom loved the drippy icicles and now I really do too. They give
 a tree that dreamy look. The ornament on the left was a flea find!
Do you have any family treasures on your tree? Share them with us on Facebook
 or Pinterest and tell us their stories here in the comments.
Now, back to decorating.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

 I just love decorating for the fall , don't you? It can be as simple as displaying a pumpkin or
 much more, as YOU like it. I had the fun idea of using some of my husband's deer sheds
 in my fall decor this year. I used them to hold a sign here. I also added 
orange lights to my mantle leaves and gourds. 

  I found this old tote on my Farms Chicks adventure last summer. I filled it with sheds
 and faux fall for my mantle. I have just cherished this tote! 

My giant, cinnamon-nutmeg colored, pumpkin is real! I bought it for only $5.99 at 
Trader Joe's. They also had carving pumpkins for only $2.99...what a deal!

My pumpkin truck idea is from Serena Thompson, the original Farm Chick. Check out her blog 
for more ideas at (see the link under "favorites" on the left).  
I used my grandson's vintage truck. Thanks so much, William!

I love my butter churn I found from a collector in Oregon. I filled it with a few faux 
fall leaves around the wooden paddles to make it a fall centerpiece.

Can't forget the yard. I think this old yard art "cutter" looks much like a toothy
pumpkin year round, especially with the flowers vines all around.

And on my porch is my old wooden cart with the season's "bounty". 
However you choose the decorate for fall, a little or a lot, I wish you a fun time. 
Plus, your efforts last from back to school right on through Thanksgiving.
Gotta love that!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Lovin'

WE just had a ball at the water park with some of our family.

I thought I would share a few pictures of our
 tanned and smiling faces.

There is nothing like family and cool water to make
 a perfect summer day!

What do you like to do on a HOT summer's day?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Truckee Local Antique Show

This weekend is the 40th Annual Truckee Antiques Show. I go every weekend I am in town. It is close, fun and it benefits our high school Booster's Club. I will share a few
of the vendors I enjoy and the treats I bought.

The above vendor is She has glass ware, doilies and more!
I enjoyed her milk glass but the pic turned out blurry, darn it :)
Glen from does a beautiful job restoring wooden pieces,
like boxes, crates and the cool cranberry scoop on the top right. 
I am a sucker for old linens and bought a few hankies from
 Dianne at Laces and Graces (310)780-4701. 
Don't you just love the rich colors vintage of Bakelite? Pamela Lee, "The Bakelite Lady", 
of San Francisco has an awesome display. You can reach her at (415)282-7642.
My favorite booth was Corry's from Once More Around. Her email is
She and her friend had a great selection from the 40s and 50s...just my thing!
I bought this vintage wicker writing table from them and the floral sprig.
I picked up a few hankies, a new embroidered towel and an!
Wishing you a fun time at your local antique or flea. If you live
in Truckee, this one continues today and tomorrow.
Please share a find that you love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fabulous & Free Summer Fun

Beat the heat and have some fun with these 8 summer freebies"!
Written with all the links for you plus the video on Today's show. You can watch the video here, 
or see the written list,
I searched the web for you and found even more fun and free projects for you and your kids.
 Here are a few websites to check out. Most offer both online projects for free and in-store
 classes for free or  a fee. Hobby Lobby seems to only have online fare.

Joann Fabrics has both in-store and online projects at With most of
 these links, you put in your zip code and check out the details of their in-store Events.
What fun party decor ideas!

Michael's offers both project types for free, plus they offer a unique type of child sitting service. While you shop, your kid can make a project. It is a 30 minute class and is just $2 per child.
 for a list of their projects, like these glittered jar candles, and to search local Events.

I love books and stories and Barnes and Noble is a great family adventure destination.
 They have Events and classes for free! Find your local store and Event list at You can also have your little one read to by the author online at
The projects shown are for the Fourth of July but most of the links  have projects for all types of
 fun, crafts, cooking, holidays, seasons, skill levels and time to complete.
Please feel free to add any freebie that you know about in the comments section here
on my blog. Sign up to an email links to my new blog posts.
Happy crafting and Happy summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Peony, First Day of Summer!

I love peonies and my first bloom of the year is this sweet white one. Since it is the first
day of summer, I thought I would use a few of my shells to make it special.
I even used one as a vase.

What are you doing to celebrate this lovely summer weekend?
Enjoy, Melin 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inspirational Memory Board

We know these have been popular for the past decade or so. I wanted to create one in for my
home, to make me smile, but I wanted to find just the right piece for me. I was really
looking (and looking) for something cool and vintage.

I was at a friend's home, around the corner, for her yard sale and found a piece that I love.
 It is a newer, but vintage inspired, decorative white metal piece. I think she let me have it for
 a mere $5! It looks perfect in our blue and white bedroom hung over an antique table.
 I have very s-l-o-w-l-y added some things of meaning or that delight me. As I take a quick
glance, I see flowers, birdies, pink and cards from loved ones...all treasures!
 The angel was a gift from Aimee, when I sat on her Soroptimist Board. The birdie card was
from my Missy Birdie and the hand print is my grand-baby, Will Bug's. In the bottom center,
of the photo below, is a felt flower, beautifully handmade by my first born, Mia.  
I have seen very special boards created from vintage gates, bedsprings, small fencing,
trellis', shutters, you name it. For more inspiration, take a look at Pinterest or Google images.
What will inspire you and what will your board say about you?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Write a Fan letter.

How many times have you wanted to write a letter, email or note to someone who's work you  have admired? I have many times throughout my life and a few times actually did it. We all
 enjoy feedback when we have done a good job or inspired someone in any small way.
Yesterday, I emailed an author and artist that I have admired most of my life, Joan Walsh Anglund.
I was super and pleasantly surprised that she wrote back. Wow, that she would take the time
 to respond to little ol' me really made me feel as special as I hoped my email would do
for her. Email makes this process easier, so give it a try and make two people's day. 
Above is a photo of a few of my JWA collection. I remember the feel and beauty of her calendars that I received yearly from my Momma. They were heavier weight that what we get today. I kept them
for years for her illustrations and color but only their memory remains. You can see more of
her art, books and learn about her at her website Email her
too, if she has touched your life in any way. Below is our exchange from yesterday.
"A friend is someone who likes you"  Joan Walsh Anglund
PS ~ Yesterday was my Momma's birthday and I know she was smiling.

Dearest Joan,
I just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful creativity! My Mom and I have enjoyed your works most all my life. She has been gone for 28 years now but I cherish our memories over the love and illustrations in your books. I still have many books, a few dolls and memories of calendars and so much more.
You have been an inspiration in my life and I thank you most sincerely,

A friend is not living in close proximity, it is finding a matching heart that understands.

Dear Melinda,

It made me so happy when I read your loving message to me, to know how much you have enjoyed my books over the years. I feel we have been friends for a long, long time, and now to be in personal touch is a special joy I never expected. Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. It means more than you can guess.

With warmest love always,
Joan Walsh Anglund

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Easter Tablescape

I like to layer old and new when creating a seasonal tablescape. It let's me use some of my
collections and fun new things. I started with a newer pink tablecloth and
 layered on a vintage one in spring colors. The vintage tablecloths can
 be smaller,  so I use it on top at a diagonal for interest.

At each place setting, I used vintage milk glass serving trays as chargers with pink depression glass plates and pink French goblets. The beautifully simple silver was inherited from a dear old
 friend. It is fun to blend up collections. The napkins are Ikea and I love the birdies!
To add some fun, I made paper sack bunny favors (idea from Pinterest).
I even added a "cotton tail" on the back of each.
I put a few carrot chocolates here and there (I love cute treats). These were only a dollar for
 a netted bag of several at Target. Some fun decorations on the tree and voilĂ !
Oh, and you just have to have a few beautiful bunnies join the party!
Wishing you a fun time decorating your home and table
for Easter, Passover and springtime.

Monday, March 3, 2014

St Paddy's Day Collections

I thought I would take a moment to share a few of my favorite St Paddy's Day treasures
that I have collected through the years. The ceramic leprechaun above was made
and hand-painted by my Momma. He has been present every March
for most all my life. Isn't he handsome?

The Shamrock bone china is from an English company, Tuscan. My parents bought a small
tea set for me on a trip we made to Canada. Like most every pattern I ever pick, it was
quickly retired. It is so delicate and looks a bit like Shelley with the light green trim.
Irish porcelain has been a part of our family treasures as has Belleek. Just a few pieces
set out in March make St Patrick's Day more special with memories of family.
We do have the usual fun shamrocks, pots of gold  and newer
decorations but somehow these oldies are still goodies!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last minute Valentine Decorating

Valentine decorating can easily be pulled together at the last minute with a few fun things
 you probably have around the house or can pick up with a quick stop at a big box store. 

Set out red candies of any sort in a clear mason jar tied with a ribbon.
Other romantic colors work, as well, and are bound to bring a smile.
New towels for your kitchen and bath add a fun holiday touch.
Put a tablecloth on in the colors or lace for a romantic table.
Pull sweet romantic bits from anywhere in your home (dig through those cupboards)
and create little vignettes that speak of love. Think of dishes in holiday colors,
the more scallops and "lace" the better. Old love letters, valentines, small
faux flowers or heart anything can be gleaned from storage.
For those who like a modern touch, fill a red metal basket
 with a cozy throw and an eyelet or lace pillow.  
You can add some heart shaped lights to any basket. These are a soft pink and add
the most romantic glow to a dark hearth. I bought them at Target for $3!
I picked up green shamrocks too. 
No matter how you spend your Valentine's Day, take a few moments to make your home
just a bit more romantic and loving, for yourself and your family.