Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fabulous & Free Summer Fun

Beat the heat and have some fun with these 8 summer freebies"!
Written with all the links for you plus the video on Today's show. You can watch the video here, 
or see the written list,
I searched the web for you and found even more fun and free projects for you and your kids.
 Here are a few websites to check out. Most offer both online projects for free and in-store
 classes for free or  a fee. Hobby Lobby seems to only have online fare.

Joann Fabrics has both in-store and online projects at With most of
 these links, you put in your zip code and check out the details of their in-store Events.
What fun party decor ideas!

Michael's offers both project types for free, plus they offer a unique type of child sitting service. While you shop, your kid can make a project. It is a 30 minute class and is just $2 per child.
 for a list of their projects, like these glittered jar candles, and to search local Events.

I love books and stories and Barnes and Noble is a great family adventure destination.
 They have Events and classes for free! Find your local store and Event list at You can also have your little one read to by the author online at
The projects shown are for the Fourth of July but most of the links  have projects for all types of
 fun, crafts, cooking, holidays, seasons, skill levels and time to complete.
Please feel free to add any freebie that you know about in the comments section here
on my blog. Sign up to an email links to my new blog posts.
Happy crafting and Happy summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Peony, First Day of Summer!

I love peonies and my first bloom of the year is this sweet white one. Since it is the first
day of summer, I thought I would use a few of my shells to make it special.
I even used one as a vase.

What are you doing to celebrate this lovely summer weekend?
Enjoy, Melin 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inspirational Memory Board

We know these have been popular for the past decade or so. I wanted to create one in for my
home, to make me smile, but I wanted to find just the right piece for me. I was really
looking (and looking) for something cool and vintage.

I was at a friend's home, around the corner, for her yard sale and found a piece that I love.
 It is a newer, but vintage inspired, decorative white metal piece. I think she let me have it for
 a mere $5! It looks perfect in our blue and white bedroom hung over an antique table.
 I have very s-l-o-w-l-y added some things of meaning or that delight me. As I take a quick
glance, I see flowers, birdies, pink and cards from loved ones...all treasures!
 The angel was a gift from Aimee, when I sat on her Soroptimist Board. The birdie card was
from my Missy Birdie and the hand print is my grand-baby, Will Bug's. In the bottom center,
of the photo below, is a felt flower, beautifully handmade by my first born, Mia.  
I have seen very special boards created from vintage gates, bedsprings, small fencing,
trellis', shutters, you name it. For more inspiration, take a look at Pinterest or Google images.
What will inspire you and what will your board say about you?