Saturday, January 19, 2013


My new obsession is the color aqua! I have had a thing for it in all shades since I
learned my parent's only vehicle, before I was born, was a "robin's egg blue"
Harley. Sorry, only black and white photos exist.
Last summer, I found a few aqua Ball mason jars and that brought on my OBSESSION. I have to have more aqua in our home. I went on a search around the house to see what I already had to work
with...always a great decorating tip. The photos show what I found, including a beautiful angel figure and an anthropomorphized (I learned this term from Martha Stewart) salt shaker.

While I love what I have, I needed more! I see aqua in all my latest magazines, so I went in
 search of some new goodies. After shopping several stores, I came up with only one small
pitcher to add. It is a very light aqua and I discovered it on the marked-down aisle of
HomeGoods for $2.00...score but still looking for more.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013
ESC Baby New Year
I am late with my New Year's wishes this year. I wish you all a wonderful 2013!
I started thinking about resolutions just after Christmas and I'm, just now, putting them in writing. The fact that I have procrastinated this long should be part of my list but it didn't make the cut. I found a few fun statistics to share and they can be found on the following website Interesting?
I am following a fellow blogger's idea and using the old list by letter means of recording my resolutions for 2013. It was really fun to think of the many ways I might be able to improve myself. Sadly, I have thought of many more to add but I think I'll just work on these first. 

R ~  Relish all the blessings in my life.
E ~ Exercise, even if that means more flea markets and malls.
S ~ Share ideas with more woman...Pinterest.
O ~ Organize my workspaces.
L ~ Love more. I am sure this one will be my husband's favorite.
U ~ Utilize my time better.
T ~ Try hard to resist stress or at least my reaction to it.
I ~ Ingest food that is better for my health or just eat less junk food (or not).
O ~ Organize my home for good. Starting with just one closet, at least. 
N ~ Negate negitive thinking and try the Power of the Positive.
S ~ Smile more! My face just naturally relaxes in a frown and who wants to see that.