Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do you "Pin" on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fun website for bringing out your creative ideas and sharing them with others. You find pictures on the web that you love and "pin" them on to your board in any catagory you choose. A board is like you own dream or bulletin board, so to speak.
I have several for example, Places I Have Seen (and Love), Sweet!, Organization, Let's Party!, and Lovely Gardens. I have some "pins" from websites, some of my own photos and others that I re-pinned from Pinterest.
You can use Pinterest to plan...decor, wardrobes, weddings, nurseries, parties, trips and tonights dinner. The possibilities are endless and so much fun! The more you "pin", the more creative you become.
Wondering how to get Started? Go to http://www.pinterest.com and request an invitation or email me and I will invite you. You'll get an invitation from Pinterest to create your login. Go to "About" in the upper right corner and download your "Pin it" button from Goodies. I have my "Pin it" button handy in my favorites. Anytime I am on a website and see something I love, I hit my "Pin it" button and several images come up from the page. Select the one you want, "Pin it" and save it onto the board of your choice.
You can follow other pinners, who's boards you enjoy, and they can follow you. Please follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/wrenlizgifts/. It is fun to check out what is popular for fresh ideas. You will love it, so hurry and get those creative juices going and "pin it"!

snowy moonilight

Cute vintage Christmas card

I love my milk glass just as my momma and granny did before me. i use it often.

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