Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Speed Decorating with Cedar

My husband is laid up from surgery on his arm and was not able to trim a few 
pine  branches from our yard, so I took matters into my own 
hands and bought this garland at Costco for $15.99!
I used clippers, floral cutters and scissors to tear it apart. It was so well built.

I deconstructed it on our kitchen island, which was a mess but warmer and sweep-able (is that a word). I want to share with you the ways I used the one garland in and around my Christmas decor.

I started a few tins, both new and vintage, I had, added the cedar and in most
 all examples I added faux  or real flowers, berries, glass balls and pine cones.

These are two vintage scoops we collected and set on the hearth.

I added a few sprigs, here there and everywhere!

Here are two on top of an antique frame.

Some were used "as is" in garland form. 

I even added some to our old sled that holds wet boots!

Then I added the what was left to the porch.

We added a buggy seat to our old red wagon and put a few faux tress
 in the middle,  then added the cedar casually around it.

I think you will have fun with this simple project and a 
big plus is the fresh scent it imparts.
Happy Holidays,