Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Party ~ Make Your Own Pizza

Happy Valentine's Day!
I celebrated Valentine's Day with four great friends for lunch today.
We had a make your own pizza lunch. Everyone brought a few toppings to share
and I had www.traderjoes.com pizza dough and many cheeses.
 I used my pink dishes (http://www.justglass.com/documents/articles/inhouse/arcoroc.html) 
that I have been collecting, why not? See some of the bowl of toppings here. 
This is Charlene, isn't she cute?
We got quite creative and Benecia the veggie lover did fine!
So did Pat... a yummy pizza! I made mine with dried fig and gorgonzola.

Jbo (Jennifer) came up with a nice refreshing cocktail on the fly...Cava, cranberry juice
and an orange slice. It was deliciously perfect with the pizza! 
B and I tasting our fabulous creations with layers and layers of goodness.

Charlene and Jbo pose with their pizzas and drink.
Pat made us a trifle with angel food cake and berries...heavenly light!
Doesn't she show off the dishes like a cute pro?
We had a sweet bar for tasting and for taking home to share. You could put
 treats in a small plastic heart or in a wee bag. We had a few retro 
candies from our childhoods...red hots and convo hearts!

Our table was set with a mix of pinks, reds and white!
I have to show my french hutch dressed up for Valentine's Day!

The girls helped clean up, so it was easy, start to finish and I have
hung up my cheery cherry apron for today.
Wishing you lots of love, today and every day.