Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Decorating With Thrift Finds

I enjoy sharing my love for thrifting and decorating for the season. These simple 
ideas use a base of a thrift store find or a new one that can be found
on the cheap. I used super-market gourds, faux leaves 
plus a few decorations from my store.

I used a pretty "silver" curved  platter that I found for $3 and added fall touches.

A long ago find of a wooden box with a serene fall landscape makes a 
great container for a touch of fall!

This centerpiece uses new items on a vintage yellow Fiestaware platter. I filled a new aqua
Ball jar with candy corn and added a "chalk" type topper. Aqua or turquoise 
are the latest way to add a fresh touch to fall colors. 

Old trucks may be easy to come by where you live but I searched high and low and
finally found this one on the way to the Farm Chicks Show. Add candy pumpkins
 to an old metal idea I stole from Serena Thompson.

One little pumpkin and leaf on a vintage Hall Jewel  saucer...small perfection!

Find an unusual real pumpkin or gourd and place them on a large
 cake plate with leaves and smaller gourds.

I have used this old picnic basket in many different ways but isn't it beautiful stuffed with 
as many fall colors as I could gather around the house and shop?

I hope you can use an idea or two in your fall decorating. See what you have around in your kitchen cupboards and add a few gourds and leaves. Keep your eyes open, as you thrift, for a
 few new pieces that you can use as next years bases. They look great all around
 the home. Add a touch of aqua for a fresh approach!
Happy fall decorating!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Pudding Incident!

It is a warm early fall day here in the Tahoe National Forest, where I am blessed to live. I have been working hard all morning adding new fall goodies to my website and I decided to take a break and make my favorite butterscotch pudding. A taste of fall, right?

I had the milk poured into a small vintage Tupperware pitcher, I was lucky to "thrift". I removed the inner package from the pudding box and shook it a bit before opening it ripped. Butterscotch powder flew everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! 

It is AMAZING how, when airborne, that powder can increase to a gillion times it's package content. It was all over the stove, counter, two sinks and everything else within three feet of that package. I should of taken pictures but I wanted to get as much of it up in powder form before any liquid touched it. Know what I mean? I cleaned off my glasses, arms and the most of it, determined to not let it ruin the rest of my day. I discovered more on my face and even my neck as I sat to write this. I hope I got it all. 

Still determined to have my pudding, I searched my pantry for another box (or two) of my beloved BUTTERSCOTCH but none is to be had. What to do?? I found three boxes of chocolate and made three boxes of revenge pudding! It tastes great or at least the left-over pan coating is YUMMY. I hope to enjoy my chocolate for days but you can bet I will be stocking up on several boxes of butterscotch before this fall is over. Plus, I do love it year round!

Happy Weekend,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Farm Chicks here WE come!

I am packed up and ready for another fabulous Farm Chick adventure 2015!

I am heading to Washington state a week early, so I can check out all the vintage goodies 
closer to the coast with my bestie Teri. Then, WE will meet with our other 
grade school  bestie Nancy (she lives in Idaho), and head to Spokane for 
The Farm Chicks Show. Find out all about the show at 
WE went in 2013 and had the greatest time. Farm Chicks is the greatest show on earth!

You must read about the founder, Serena Thompson. She is just the sweetest little
 gal and has quite a wonderful story. She is so warm and welcoming 
to all of us, who travel from 
near and far to join her Farm Chicks fun. 

I have packed a carry-on bag inside my big bag, so I can bring home goodies 
on the plane. Wow, is it ever heavy (exactly 50 lbs)!
I reviewed Ki Nassauer's tips on packing up the junk at 
She has a lot of great ideas and a lot of experience.

Wish me the luck of fabulous finds that WE can share with you.