Sunday, December 16, 2012

Retro Christmas


  I love everything retro because they remind me of my childhood. Funny thing is I love things that are even older than I am. I know that is true of many of us after checking out Pinterest.
My favorite retro items are the holiday treats, especially those from Christmas! The items above are fun ceramics, mostly made in Japan. The Santa bank in the back was a give-away from a bank and my Daddy brought it home for me. 

 These angels were a gift from my dear friend, Madeline Schaaf. They sit atop our bathroom mirrors to decorate for the holidays.

The little ceramic angel ornament my "birth angel". She has a pink faded ribbon to tell her apart from my sister's blue ribbon. They were always the always our most special ornaments and still are to this day. I hang her and reminisce each year. Just ask my friends and family.

The blow mold Santa on the right is a special find from traveling last summer in the North West. I didn't pay much for him but oh how he brightens up our hearth!
The little hot pink elf has been a treasure as long as I can remember. He sits atop a little white Christmas tree in our bathroom. I like the greens and pinks in there year round.
Old ceramic clip on Santa ornaments from my childhood tree. I am missing one of the originals.
I love this old felt Santa card holder from a dear old friend who passed.
It is living on with us as she does in our hearts!
Wishing you a Happy Christmas surrounded by the people (and things) that you love!