Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Birdies!

The Easter decor is all put what? I say bring out the birdies!
Over time I have amassed quite a collection of birdies and bird themed decor. I just
 find a  new one or pair here and there when shopping and traveling.
My all time favorite is the sweet gifting birdie that is the Wren Elizabeth Gifts' mascot and logo.
 I bought her years ago in Carmel and LOVE her still. She has always looked vintage.
I also use nests, both real (abandoned and recycled) and replicas, in my decorating
 inside and outside my home. Birdhouses in all sizes are fun too.
I set birdies in groupings, pairs or singles, near framed pictures or just scattered about.
When there are long breaks between holidays, just display 
seasonal treasures of what you love and collect!
Happy decorating!