Thursday, September 15, 2011

Milk Glass

This is a picture of part of my milk glass collection. These are the pieces I use often, or at least when I entertain. I love that we put a glass door on this cupboard, so I can see it anytime I am in the kitchen. Just seeing the gleaming white brings me joy!
I collect milk glass because it reminds me of my Granny. She had several pieces that she displayed and used for special occasions. She never would think to amass a large collection like I have. In her day, people just weren't that indulgent. I was passed on a piece or two from her collection and a few from my mom's and some friends, as well. These are extra special to me.
I love the curvy and lacy edges on some of the pieces and I love the hob-nail, you know, the ones with bumps. My favorite piece is a small vase that is hob-nail and shaped kind of like a V with a ruffly top...perfection! I like this one so much that I actually have seven of them. I will have a party one day and will place one at each place-setting with flowers. You can see these pictured on the bottom shelf nestled under the cake plate stack in the middle.
I think we collect to bring back warm memories of our past. This is so true of my milk glass collection. I love that I can use it year round and think of my Granny!
Please share with us about one of your collections and who or what inspired it in the comment section below.

Monday, September 5, 2011


This is a shelf in one of our guest rooms. The cake topper is not ours. I picked this one up when I was antiquing years ago. I bought it because I love weddings and marriage.
We had a beautiful one on our cake that had two cherubs reaching for one another and flowers on it. I couldn't find a bride and groom topper that looked like us in 1976. I loved that topper!
It met it's demise when, after about two years of marriage, our naughty dog, Anna Banana broke into the house while we were gone. She chewed up our baby daughter's toys, including her first Madame Alexander doll, and our beloved wedding cake topper was destroyed in the frenzy.
Yesterday was our 35th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at a wedding brunch the morning after our niece's wedding on Saturday.
Sometimes we do a special trip like we did five years ago when we went to Africa. Most years, we just do regular things and it is special either way.
One tradition that we always keep is the exchanging of mushy anniversary cards. My husband is the best at picking out the most loving cards for me for special occasions. This year the sentiments we wrote inside matched one another's almost word for sweet.
I wish everyone could be as blessed in marriage as Mike and I feel we have been.