Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Farm Chicks Adventure Part II

WE were in line at 7:30 am! Look pretty chipper, don't WE?
Just so you know, from left to right, it's Melin, Teri, Nancy & Sue. 

Here is our spot in line. It's not too bad.
If you don't arrive early, you could be at the end of this...or worse!
WE talked to many fun ladies in line with us and tried to make a plan.
But once inside, it's so awesome you forget the plan and just go for it!
 I bought 3-4 larger items in the first half hour and I am so glad I did.
Watch for a future blog post about hints for The Farm Chicks Show. 
 The booths are fun and each one unique. There were some industrial, kitchen (more would
 have been better for me), garden, kids, and general home items. The prices are fair,
not cheap nor super high. I do prefer bargains but fair is good.
I wish I could share with you what I bought and I will when I retrieve my treasures from
Sue in August. The plane really limits what I could bring home with me.

I think I took these booth pictures on Sunday, when the crowds are just a bit lighter because it was much more crowded than it looks like here. Just want to give you an idea of what it looks like.
The booths are all inside the fairgrounds building. It was very crowded in the booths
and at times almost overwhelming.

WE each did our own thing, so WE could go at our own pace. Our paths did cross many times
with happy grins and hot spot sharing. WE met for lunch and they had a nice selection of food.
 I had a great barbecue sandwich. There were long lines and seats were tough to come by but
WE did manage to seat all together. It felt great to sit and compare notes on what we found. 

 There is an assortment of Farm Chicks merchandise near the entrance. WE all bought shirts, which sold out on Saturday. WE wore them on Sunday and were told gals may offer 
us cash for the shirts off our backs but no way were WE selling our keepsakes.
I bought this great mug too!
 Here WE are posing with the car in the woods theme display in the entrance in our shirts.
Most of us had to make a car run at least once. WE all bought some great treasures  for our
 own homes and I picked up a few cool treats for Wren Elizabeth Gifts ~ Vintage.
Watch for more blog posts about our adventures with The Farm Chicks.

The Farm Chicks Adventure Part I

I have heard about The Farm Chicks Antique Show, in Spokane, WA, for years now and wanted
 to join in the fun. This was my year and I will share a few stories from my adventure here with
you over a few blog entries. The Farm Chicks is a two day event over the first
 weekend in June at the Spokane, WA Fairgrounds.

The Farm Chicks Show was started in 2002 by Serena Thompson. Serena is tiny and beautiful, a mother of four, contributing editor of Country Living Magazine, an author of two books and
co-creator of this great event. You can find out more about her and the show on her facebook page
at or at  Her love for antiques, re-purposing and cuteness shine through all she does! Here WE are together below.

I was lucky to get to meet her and she signed the latest copy of Country Living Magazine for me.

 I flew to Washington State and met three of my grade and high school besties for this grand girlfriend adventure. Sue, Teri and I drove from NW WA along highway 2 to Spokane.
WE stopped in a darling Bavarian town, Leavenworth, for an early lunch and a bit of shopping.
Speaking of shopping...WE shopped ALL 8 days we were together!
WE arrived in Spokane and was greeted by Nancy, who lives near by in ID. Bless her heart,
she already had our wrist band tickets for both days of the event for all of us. WE were so
excited to all be together again! The last time was at my son's wedding 6 years ago.

Dinner was at Clinkerdagger, a beautiful restaurant on the river, at the falls.
This is our view during dinner!
 WE toasted our adventure with a few fun cocktails and wine.

I brought a small gift for each of us. Watch for a future blog called "Farm Chick Craft".
The dinner was perfect! WE knew WE had to get up early, so WE strolled back to our
hotel enjoying our reunion and precious time with dear long time friends. 
Stay tuned for The Farm Chicks Adventure Part II.