Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Colors of fall

I love the colors of fall! The soft golden glow in the hushed early morning hours is a spectacular treat and reward for getting up so early in the chill.
Trees are are in their glory as they change from green to yellow, then golds and reds. I notice each tree changes in it's own time. Some are quick to change with the first snap of cold, while others hang on to their green as long as they can. They remind me of us and how unique and perfect we are, each in our own special way.
Did you mature and show your colors early? Or, did you change slowly, revealing layers of new color in your own time?
I took these photos with my iPhone on the way home from church last Sunday in Truckee, CA.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Farmer's Market in Olympia, WA

Melin and Sue enjoying the Farmer's Market on a beautiful day in October!
Last week we were visiting dear friend's from high school at their beautiful new home in Olympia, WA. I was so impressed by all the beauty of nature at the market that I took some photos with my handy i-phone and I wanted to share them with you...enjoy!
Fragrant lavender booth.
Just look at that radishes and the rhubarb...perfection!