Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Peter Rabbit Easter

 I can not tell you how excited I was when my daughter, Mia, told me her theme for 
her family Easter celebration would be Peter Rabbit this year!

Mia and I go way back with our love for Peter to when I chose that for her nursery theme.
 I was introduced to my love of Peter and all things Beatrix Potter, when I visited England as a
 teen and wanted that for my one day baby's room. Now, my grands love her books!

I have to show off all the detail she put into this party! Garden and carrot touches every-where,
even the green cutlery are "carrot" wrapped. Books and Peter mementos were scattered too.

I must tell you Mia's cupcakes, with their lemon curd filling are the very BEST I've ever tasted!
I had too many to count, although Quinn could probably tell you....please don't Q! 

A gingerbread garden shed just for fun!

The Easter tree centerpiece even had a few vintage PB ornaments. I lent her my sweet
PB plates and she got the place mat new from Pottery Barn.

The theme was carried out to the backyard and patio area. We were so grateful to outside
 and in the sunshine after weeks of wet weather (snow for me).

Food always tastes better wearing bunny ears!

 The kids had such fun but wondered all morning about their egg hunt tradition.

 And what was this giant hanging carrot? It was filled with eggs and treats. The Easter
Bunny really fooled them this year! All the kids had fun giving the carrot a whack.

Sweet kids showing off their Easter treasures from the giant carrot handmade by Mia.

We didn't open our darling Peter goody bag until we got home. Wow, what a surprise
to find a wonderfully scented candle in a bag I will keep as a
memento of the most fun Easter ever!
Thank you so much, Mia & Matt, for
making our day fabulous!
Happy Easter to all!