Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Pudding Incident!

It is a warm early fall day here in the Tahoe National Forest, where I am blessed to live. I have been working hard all morning adding new fall goodies to my website and I decided to take a break and make my favorite butterscotch pudding. A taste of fall, right?

I had the milk poured into a small vintage Tupperware pitcher, I was lucky to "thrift". I removed the inner package from the pudding box and shook it a bit before opening it ripped. Butterscotch powder flew everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! 

It is AMAZING how, when airborne, that powder can increase to a gillion times it's package content. It was all over the stove, counter, two sinks and everything else within three feet of that package. I should of taken pictures but I wanted to get as much of it up in powder form before any liquid touched it. Know what I mean? I cleaned off my glasses, arms and the most of it, determined to not let it ruin the rest of my day. I discovered more on my face and even my neck as I sat to write this. I hope I got it all. 

Still determined to have my pudding, I searched my pantry for another box (or two) of my beloved BUTTERSCOTCH but none is to be had. What to do?? I found three boxes of chocolate and made three boxes of revenge pudding! It tastes great or at least the left-over pan coating is YUMMY. I hope to enjoy my chocolate for days but you can bet I will be stocking up on several boxes of butterscotch before this fall is over. Plus, I do love it year round!

Happy Weekend,