Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine Fun

Valentine's Day is nearly here and I wanted to share a few goodies for the occasion.

These darling cupid's arrows were made by our daughter, Mia, for our Valentine's Day gift!
 She said they are easy and all you need are sturdy sticks, from your yard, felt and hot glue.
Aren't they darling? I hung them here and there among my Valentine decor.

I bought this awesome Mickey Mouse Club Scrap Book at a local flea. I opened it and
was amazed to see the fabulous valentine card collection. They were glued in
by a 9 year old girl and some have stickers attaching them, as well.
Check out the date and price back then.

Here are what the pages look like. They are chock full of retro Valentine fun! I want to keep it intact
and share some of the cards, over time, here and on Pinterest. There are a few from other
holidays too but mostly sweet valentines.

I love them all! Look at the detail and the funny sayings back then. Remember the joy
of getting special valentines from your classmates and teachers?
Why didn't we all save them? I am a saver and I didn't.

This lion, with a collar and tie, is accented with silver glitter!

And this sweet girl has a red flocked trim on her pinafore. Flocking was used a 
lot on the cards back then. The hearts with the birdies are flocked too.
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WE wish you a fun and fabulous Valentine's Day!


  1. Please leave your ideas for fun ways to use collected retro valentine cards.

  2. I like to use my Holiday retro cards in the corner of my entryway mirror. It helps to bring a little retro feel to my Holiday decor.

    1. What a great idea! WE appreciate you sharing it here with us.
      Happy Valentine's Day!

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